ROHE Melbourne is an independent Australian luxury brand inspired by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s maxim relating to production and consumption, less is more.

The fundamental structure of our designs capture the spirit of modernism for today’s woman, creating the ‘skin and bone’ architecture of a contemporary wardrobe that effortlessly fits the way we live our lives now.

Together, ROHE collections create a framework from which one can interweave disparate elements to form looks that are distinctively your own.

The devil’s in the details in every ROHE design, a commitment to local manufacturing ensures every piece displays enduring craftsmanship and quality. Meticulous attention to production practices requires each element of the design process is ethical, artisanal, and socially conscious.

Working at the forefront of fashion innovation and technology in the UK, entrenched in and driving innovative and sustainable practices in trend, fabric, and design development, designer Gretchen Geoghegan identified an emerging interest in directional daywear that could seamlessly transition.

The framework of a label began to catalyse that would feature designer lifestyle pieces with exceptional flexibility of purpose and elevated ease of wear, further informed by her love of art and architecture.

Returning home, Gretchen set up a local, ethical supply chain right here in Melbourne and the ROHE the brand was born.

Crafting authentic designs with purpose is important to us, as is creating timeless designs that resonate deeply with women allowing them  to feel empowered, at ease, and supremely confident in their own skin.

ROHE Melbourne

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