How do we choose what we wear? What makes an essential wardrobe staple? Why are some
pieces treasured across generations and others vanish in a season? Can we consume in a more considered fashion?

In Prelude 1.21, ROHE playfully explores these questions, evoking a minimal style, a monochrome palette, ease of wear and slow, considered approach to consuming clothes to shift the focus from fashion to wearer.

The collection PRELUDE 1.21 monochrome palette and considerations about consuming art owe much to Mel Ramsden’s work titled “Secret painting” itself playfully inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s “Black Square” (1915).

These works of modern art shift the emphasis from art production to their reception by an audience.

That is, by proclaiming the end of representational art, a space for meditation and reflection is created allowing the viewer/wearer to project their own imagination into the void.

The simple act of wearing a garment you love changes it—and Prelude invites you to let your imagination run riot.

Project your dreams and desires onto these staple designs to create a look that’s wholly and distinctively yours.

Campaign Contributors:

Photographer: Toby Hudson

Hair and Makeup artist: Shella Ruby Martin

Model: Holly Watson (Chadwick models)

ROHE Melbourne

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